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January 10 - March 17, 2019

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LOVE IT! Kindergarten Enrichment

Young Learners in Mind
140 East Coast Branch
Our location: 140 East Coast Road. (just east of Katong I12 mall) The same quality programmes, education and fun in a new location.
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LOVE IT! Kindergarten 1 and 2 Programmes have been designed to develop a student's overall English ability by creating an environment that is dynamic, interactive, challenging and fun. These Programmes link our LOVE IT! Nursery Programmes and AMAZING! English Primary Enrichment Programmes in a cohesive, well designed framework geared towards equipping students with all the necessary skills for using English in the world outside the classroom.

LOVE IT! Kindergarten focuses on building a student's vocabulary, developing their grammar skills and reinforcing international standard phonics abilities in order to enhance their diction and pronunciation. The Programme also focuses on developing student's writing and reading skills, creating well-rounded English learners.

LOVE IT! Kindergarten Class Schedule:

Sharing Time (Date/weather/feelings/rhymes)
Reading/Story Time
Dialogue Time
Vocabulary Time
Social Time (Sentence Patterns)
Break Time
Active Time (Songs & Chants)
Phonics Time
Grammar Time
Writing Time

We offer LOVE IT! Kindergarten programmes once or twice a week.

In our LOVE IT! Kindergarten 1 and 2 Programmes students discover the Tree House series. These materials have been written to give students an exciting, fun and student-centred learning experience. The Programmes utilize materials that have been designed by our award winning company and guide students through the guidelines set out by the Singapore Ministry of Education and much more.

Students use the Text Book for dialogues, songs, grammar, spelling, and phonics. These various activities are presented in a meaningful, easy to understand manner that helps build students confidence in using and speaking English.

In the Activity Book, students develop their lateral and logical thinking, grammar, phonics, creative writing and imaginations. The activities are used to reinforce key elements taught in the Textbook and provide students with the opportunity to practice this material.

The Storybooks practice reading and facilitate an enjoyment in reading, as well as reinforcing phonics and building vocabulary. The flashcards, posters, DVDs, CDs, songs and chants reinforce grammar, sentence patterns and vocabulary in a fun and dynamic way.

The LOVE IT! Kindergarten materials are theme-based and student-centred, encouraging students to play an active part in their learning.


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