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January 10 - March 17, 2019

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LOVE IT! Nursery Enrichment

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Our fully integrated English Programme.
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Our location: 140 East Coast Road. (just east of Katong I12 mall) The same quality programmes, education and fun in a new location.

The LOVE IT! Programme has been designed to simultaneously provide nursery students with a solid English foundation and a fun, positive learning experience. Our safe, interactive and stimulating educational environment helps nursery students acquire English skills efficiently and effectively.

LOVE IT! Nursery Class Schedule:

Sharing Time (Date/weather/feelings/rhymes)
Story Time
ABC's & Writing
Dialogue Time
Break Time
Musical Time
Vocabulary Time
Social Time (Grammar)
Theme Time (Interactive Activity)

We offer LOVE IT! Nursery Programmes once, twice and three times a week.

LOVE IT! Nursery 1 and 2 has been designed to not only to reinforce, but exceed the Ministry of Education requirements and utilizes many of the educational resources produced by our award winning educational research department and publishing company.

The Activity Book enables students to develop their fine motor skills, to recognize upper and lower case letters, trace and then write numbers and letters, practice phonics and encourages students to read common sight words.

Interactive Activities including arts and crafts, basic science projects, and environment based language exploration allows students to develop their gross and fine motor skills, expand their vocabulary, and practice using the English language in practical settings.

Our vast range of professionally developed teacher resources including storybooks, chants, student flashcards, DVDs, CDs, flashcards, posters and props reinforce the grammar and vocabulary concepts in a fun, dynamic and challenging way.

Integrated teaching techniques and student-centred themes ensure our LOVE IT! Nursery 1 and 2 materials are easy to understand, interactive and stimulating. Our LOVE IT! Nursery 1 and 2 materials are integrated, enabling students to develop a solid English foundation, which they will retain throughout their future studies.


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