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January 10 - March 17, 2019

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AMAZING! Reading Comprehension

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Course Outline (Primary 1 ~ Primary 6)


AMAZING! Reading Comprehension takes students on an adventure through captivating reading development exercises and phonic strengthening techniques. Students learn how to utilise reading context and content and fine tune their international phonics skills and overall pronunciation. Our Programme also enriches their vocabulary and grammar.

The materials for this Programme have been designed to go above and beyond the Singapore Ministry of Educations learning outcomes. Materials are level specific and ensure students practice their phonics and reading skills. The materials are comprised of reading exercises, comprehension activities, vocabulary building activities, phonics practice, phonics tips and tricks, discussion exercises and conversations. Each lesson introduces a captivating new theme to keep students actively participating in class.

AMAZING! Reading Comprehension has been designed for Primary 1 to Primary 6 students. Three levels are offered to students:

  • Beginner AMAZING! Reading Comprehension for Primary 1 and Primary 2
  • Intermediate AMAZING! Reading Comprehension for Primary 3 and Primary 4
  • Advanced AMAZING! Reading Comprehension for Primary 5 and Primary 6

AMAZING! Reading Comprehension allows students to express themselves and their opinions in a way that encourages communication development and overall confidence. The Programme allows students to develop their reading and international standard phonics effectively and efficiently.


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