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Holiday Programme
Holiday Programmes
Our Holiday Programmes enhance learners' love of English & Mandarin through engaging games and activities. Our short courses are theme-based and child-centred.
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Our fully integrated preschool English programme.
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During the regular school term breaks and holidays Hess Education Centre offers fun-filled, educational theme based Holiday Programmes. We offer both English and Mandarin programmes for students from Nursery to Primary 6. Student's language skills are reinforced and developed through dynamic and interactive language teaching that makes use of our professionally designed materials and teaching aids. During the Holiday Programmes students will learn new vocabulary and sentence patterns that are relevant to the theme in a pressure free and stimulating environment. In addition to the vocabulary and grammar, students engage in arts and crafts projects, interactive language based songs, captivating stories, activities and language reinforcing games. The aim of these programmes is to take students on an educational journey that builds language skills and competency in a fun, engaging and stimulating environment. Join us and revel in the fun of Spring Fever! (end of term 1), Summer Fun! (end of term 2), Fall Fiesta! (end of term 3) and Winter Wonderland! (end of term 4).


2015 Holiday Programme Dates and Information

March Speech & Drama / Storytelling Sessions

16 March – 22 March

Explorers HP

02 June (Tuesday) – 26 June (Friday)
(4 weeks )

September Speech & Drama / Storytelling Sessions

07 September – 13 September

Once Upon a Time / Lights Camera Action HP
23 November (Monday) – 18 December (Friday)
(4 weeks)

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