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Positive Professionals
Zhang Hui Qin
( Mandarin Teacher)

张惠琴老师毕业于中国天津大学 . 在新加坡从事华语教育工作多年 . 在华语教学上 , 累积了丰富的经验 , 尤其是幼儿和小学教育 . 她深知要从孩子的兴趣入手 , 首先让孩子们认识华文 , 慢慢再接受华语 , 徐徐渐进 , 在玩乐中取得成绩 .

Teacher Zhang Hui Qin graduated from China's Tian Jin University.

She has taught Mandarin in Singapore for many years and has gained considerable experience in Pre-school and Primary education. She believes that as a teacher, it is her role to inspire a love for Mandarin in her students. If a child loves the language then she will love learning and absorb all that she is taught. Zhang Lao Shi teachers her students not only the Mandarin language, but emphasizes the need to know more about the culture. She uses loads of songs, games and stories to inspire her students. Zhang Lao Shi is adored by all of her Primary Enrichment students


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