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Positive Professionals
( Administrative Executive)

My name is April. With 2 children of my own, I know how important, choosing the right school can be. Being part of the Hess team I can see first hand, how a good education can contribute to the development of young minds.

My dream is to see every child in the world go to school. To study and eliminate poverty and war and promote peace all over the world comes about through knowledge and education. That is why I love working at Hess. Children walk out of Hess with more confidence and knowledge after studying with us and it is really a wonderful experience to see our students grow.

That's why I am here at Hess. You can't imagine how touched I am when our cuties greet and hug me. I am so happy and proud when I see them come out of their classrooms, they leave with more knowledge, skills and confidence. Everyone knows that a sound foundation is important if you would like to build a skyscraper, I believe that Hess builds foundations for every child to build their skyscraper.



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