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Positive Professionals
( Principal )

Hi there! I'm Jeanette. Let me tell you about myself. I attended the University of Natal in South Africa and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Psychology, I went on to study an Honours and Masters degree in Sociology. I also worked as a tutor for full time students and as a lecturer for first year students.

I taught in Taiwan for 6 years, and my students ranged in age from 3 to 15 years old. This broad range of students exposed me to different styles and techniques of teaching. This has allowed me to assess the needs of my students effectively and efficiently, ensuring that everyone receives the attention they need. As the Head Teacher of my school I was responsible for training staff and maintaining a high level of teacher professionalism and student care. As a member of the team at The Hess Educational Organization English Research Department I edited and wrote for nursery and kindergarten students. This has allowed me to gain a better understanding of curriculum and how to effectively teach it to students while maintaining an environment of fun and security in the classroom.

4 years ago, my husband and I moved to Singapore and I started teaching at Hess Education Centre, Singapore. It has been such an experience to watch our school grow internationally. I love teaching international students, I feel so fortunate to have taught children from Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China, Thailand, Australia, England, Spain and so many more.

Even though I'm in a management position, I think it is so important to keep in touch with how our students are coping with the curriculum and enjoying our classes, so I still teach, and I still love it!


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