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Positive Professionals
( Teacher)

Pauline graduated from the University of Birmingham, UK with a 2:1 honours degree and then completed a PGCE in London to qualify as a teacher.  In 1987 she was commissioned from the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst and spent nine years as a commissioned officer in the British Army.  She has lived in Singapore for ten years and now holds a certificate in TESOL and a diploma in TEFL.
Pauline says that she enjoys teaching as it gives her a refreshing insight into the mind of a non-adult, whose ideas have not yet been tainted by the pressures, prejudices and conflicts adults have been exposed to.  Children still have a refreshing imagination and allow their minds to wander, surfacing with ideas you wouldn't consider. That's why she loves teaching children Creative Writing.
Pauline believes that Creative Writing allows children freedom of expression.  It brings out of them their childhood thoughts and ideas before they are lost to adolescence and peer group pressure.  Creative writing allows them to float outside their normal school curriculum and express themselves without inhibition.  Writing allows their ideas using their imaginations and extend themselves to see how far they can be creative. Pauline is also a stickler for grammar and while the students are encouraged to explore their creativity, they are taught to do it using the correct grammar.
In Pauline's spare time she competes in long distance road races and has been actively involved in triathlon.  She has been one of the top runners in Asia for the past 10 years, in the last 5 years frequently appearing on the veteran's podium in races such as the Singapore marathon (Singapore marathon champion 2003, Orchard Mile champion 2007).  She has even raised money for charity, specifically for a charity in Siem Reap which provides prosthetics for individuals who have lost limbs to mines. 


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