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Students' Works
Planet X / By Adam Wu
(Amazing! Intermediate Creative Writing)

I saw stars out the window and felt very excited and scared at once. It was scary knowing that you're going to an undiscovered planet alone. I was on a space shuttle and I was flying to a yet undiscovered planet. I brought a laser gun that was invented 2 years ago in 2395. Some scientists invented a carbon dioxide sucking machine which got rid of all the carbon dioxide on earth. That prevented the Greenhouse Effect which was a relief to everyone.

I heard a thump and realized that I had landed on the planet. I was at the foot of a mountain and I climbed up. It took me a long time and soon I saw a wolf. It had the head of a turtle but its tail looked very rough. There was green stuff dripping from its mouth which I suppose was saliva. Then I saw its fangs - sharp, pointy and deadly. So, I ran away. The creature caught up to me and sank its fangs into my leg. I managed to kick it off me and I examined my leg. From where I was bitten, the wolf left bleeding holes in my leg. I don't know why but I had the urge to lick the blood off my leg. There must have been something wrong with me. So, I fought off the urge and quickly found a cave to sleep in.

I woke up in the cave and felt pain all over my body. It was a weird pain, a pain I have never experienced before. Then, I saw something totally weird. Gray fur was sprouting from my arms and legs. Soon, my whole body was covered with grey fur and then my teeth started growing, longer and sharper until fangs grew out of my mouth. I realized that I looked exactly like the wolf that bit me. Then the wolf that bit me came into the cave and spoke English, “Our mission is to inject everyone with our poisonous saliva so they all turn into wolves, got it?” I slowly nodded. I heard a thump and realized that someone had arrived on Planet X. Then I joined my brothers and got ready to attack the invading humans.


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