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Students' Works
On the Deserted Island / by Amy Wong(Amazing! Advanced Creative Writing)

One dark night, I was on a ship with my father. My father was a pirate, a good one! Suddenly we hit a large rock. My father was safe in the ship but I fell into the sea.

I was marooned on a place nearby a deserted island where there were swordfish. I brought a tent, a box of matches, a blanket, a knife and a CD player. The CD player was a birthday present from my mum. There were lots of songs on the CD player.

I always kept it with me every time I went out. I liked it a lot. It was my favourite gift. The next morning I woke up. I was on a deserted island.

There were colourful trees and big rocks. There were no buildings or houses. Wow! There were so many coconuts in the trees. I named it Swordfish Island because there were so many swordfish around the whole island. I was so hungry when I reached the island. I caught some normal fish. I lit a fire with the box of matches I had brought with me.

I had a wonderful meal for lunch. I built the tent and covered the ground with my blanket. The next day, for breakfast, I used a knife to cut the fruit up. The fruit was very tasty.

I stayed inside the tent for quite a long time. When I was bored I would usually listen to my CD player or walk around the island. I had been staying on the island for six months, waiting for someone to rescue me!

Once, I met a leopard. Luckily, I brought along a knife. I just aimed it at his body and threw it. I did not believe that I would kill a leopard. I was very frightened after that incident.

Actually, I didnt mind. I just did the usual things I do everyday. The water from the coconut was so juicy. Sometimes, a group of swordfish would swim with me in the sea.

I had been staying on the island for seven months. One day, there was a terrible storm. After a while, the storm stopped. I saw a shining thing. It was a ship! Finally, I got off the deserted island.

I reached home and I told my parents what happened. My parents were worried about me. I was happy that I was at home at last.


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