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Students' Works
Planet X / By Adam Wu
I saw stars out the window and felt very exited and scared at once. It was scary knowing that you're going to an undiscovered planet alone ....
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On the Deserted Island / by Amy Wong
One dark night, I was on a ship with my father. My father was a pirate, a good one! Suddenly we hit a large rock. My father was safe in the ......
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Come and See The Cabba! / by Ian Lim

The Cabba is mean, but cute. It has sharp teeth. It's sharp spikes on its arms make it look ferocious. It has two tails. It can rip any lock to pieces.....

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Save the Orangutans / by Nidhi Shilotri

Save the oragutans.
They have thin reddish hair ......

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Alien Zoo Advertisement / By Patrick Yen
Come and see my creature that I found on another planet. It is dangerous but naughty. It is not afraid of anything. It is strong. It can hold ......
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Come and See My Cute Alien! / by Po Jui Huang

It is amazing! It is super! It is the best in the world!......

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My Aliens / by Sissy Tzern
My Aliens are very cute. When I give them their food, they are friendly. But, I think Lala is the best of all of them ......
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My Alien Friend! / by You Jin Jung
My alien is very creative! When I am hungry he makes food for me. I love my alien because when we went to space ......
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