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Superhero of the Month
superhero of the month

Min Hui Lim

Min Hui has been with the Speech and Writing Class at Hess for a while now and she has blossomed and inspired her teacher and fellow students with her intriguing and creative stories. She has developed her writing skills, by incorporating all that is learnt in class as well as delving into the theme full heartedly. Min Hui has a clear and logical flow in her writing which allows the reader to follow her stories. Not only has Min Hui progressed with her writing, she has become a confident and expressive public speaker, delighting her audience on stage with her colorful actions and different tones and intonations. We are very proud of Min Hui and all the hard work she has put into her writing and speaking. We hope to hear many more entertaining and original stories from Min Hui. Well done MIn Hui, keep up the hard work.


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