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AMAZING! Mandarin Enrichment

Holiday Programme
Holiday Programme
Our Holiday Programmes enhance a learners' love of English & Mandarin through engaging games and activities. Our short courses are theme-based and child-centred.
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AMAZING! Mandarin is our Primary Programme. AMAZING! Mandarin Enrichment is designed to help children develop their confidence in speaking, writing and communicating in Mandarin. Our AMAZING! Mandarin Enrichment utilises many of the educational resources produced by our award winning research department and publishing company.

Our AMAZING! Mandarin Enrichment course is designed not only to reinforce, but exceed the Ministry of Education's primary school requirements. Integrated teaching techniques and student-centred themes ensure our materials are easy to follow, meaningful and stimulating. Our integrated materials guarantee students learn more, faster.

Students will practice reading and writing skills as they develop their comprehension and written communication abilities. Moreover, students will have plenty of opportunities to practice their speaking and oral communication skills as they learn to describe scenes in Mandarin and practice conversations with their classmates.

Mandarin Outlines for Enrichment (P1-P6)

Primary 1-2
  • Fun with Chinese Characters
  • Usage & Expansion of Phrases
  • Sentence Structure
  • Passage Comprehension
  • Paragraph Writing
  • Picture Composition

Primary 3-4

  • Combining, Completing & Forming Sentences
  • Comprehension Abilities
  • Picture Composition
  • Colourful Descriptions
  • Verbal Description of Pictures
  • Listening Comprehension
Primary 5-6
  • Distinguishing between Similar Phrases
  • Colourful Descriptions
  • Sentence Completion & Construction
  • Comprehension Tests & Answering Techniques
  • Conception in Picture Composition
  • Topic Exam & Composition

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