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Spring Fever!

Holiday Programme
Summer Fun Holiday Programme
Our Holiday Programmes enhance learners' love of English & Mandarin through engaging games and activities. Our short courses are theme-based and child-centred.
English Programmes!
Our fully integrated preschool English Programme.
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St. Patrick’s Parade Holiday Program

March Holiday Program
5 days of festive fun and fortune! Join us discovering the luck of the Irish!

Nursery, Kindergarten, Primary
  • Phonics
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Grammar Games
  • Songs
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Drama
  • Creative Writing
  • ...and a whole lotta fun!

Part-Time Program
Mandarin or English
Nursery, Kindergarten & Primary
10am-12pm or 1pm-3pm (10 hours)

Bilingual Half-Day Program
Mandarin and English
Nursery, Kindergarten & Primary
10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm (20 hours)

Our Spring Fever Holiday Program offers students from Nursery 1 to Primary 6 an opportunity to develop and enhance their language skills in a fun, stimulating environment. We offer both Mandarin and English courses that are consistent with the high quality materials and advanced teaching practices used during our regular term schedule.

During the Spring Fever Holiday Program students will develop their language skills through fun filled activities and stimulating games that encourage language development and growth. The classes are student-centred and employ integrated teaching methods that ensure all types of learners (visual, aural and kinetic or action-oriented) have the opportunity to improve and enrich their language skills.

In each class students will engage in vocabulary building exercises related directly to the theme of Spring and any associated international and/or national holidays (such as St Patrick’s Day) that fall within the scope of the theme. This vocabulary building will equip students with the necessary vocabulary to express their feelings, thoughts and opinions regarding the theme. In order to facilitate these exercises and improve general pronunciation, students will develop their phonics skills by learning to differentiate between different sounds as well as recognise a sound’s various written forms. Students will also be taught and practice sentence patterns that utilise the new vocabulary to help them develop a deeper understanding of the theme and be able to express themselves confidently. These sentence patterns are essential to the development of communication skills for younger learners and fantastic conversation starters for older ones.

The vocabulary, phonics and sentence pattern learning are all enhanced by a variety of stimulating songs, games and activities that encourage retention as well as create a fun filled environment for the learners. Having fun and feeling comfortable with the materials is central to our Spring Fever Holiday Program as it fosters learning and language development. Each lesson’s arts and crafts portion is designed to reinforce language learning and enhance creative, motor and problem solving skills.

Primary learners will also have an opportunity to practice and develop their reading ability. Reading exercises will help develop reading fluency, comprehension and their knowledge of the Spring theme. In addition to reading, primary learners will engage in creative writing. This is an opportunity for them to practice their writing skills and learn how to express ideas confidently and thoughtfully.

At the end of each week we encourage our students to participate in a fun, confidence building mini-performance that showcases a small amount of what they have learnt during the fun packed week of learning, creating and making new friends.



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