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Our Facilities  

Our cozy school offers safe, interactive play areas, a Dress Up Drama Room, Arts Studio, Creative Writing Room, Learners Lending Library, Reading Corner and a Stage area. Our students have the opportunity to be taught, or have parts of lessons taught, in these various rooms and areas.

Our interactive play areas are safe, comfortable places where students can interact with a variety of educational toys, puzzles and games. These interactive materials offer our students an opportunity to engage in activities that are stimulating and challenging. It is a fantastic way for students to occupy their time while they wait for their class to begin or their parents to pick them up.

The Dress Up Drama Room is an integral part of our AMAZING! Speech and Drama programmes. Students are able to let their creativity run wild as they dress up as superheroes, wizards, witches, fairytale characters or whatever their imagination desires. It is also used during nursery and kindergarten classes to help develop role-play skills that are essential for effective communication. Amongst the numerous costumes, wigs, props and hats there is a music corner where students can experiment with sound and instruments, as well as a puppet show station with puppets and a puppet show stage.

In the Arts Studio a students’ creativity and artistic talent can be unleashed. It is the perfect area for teachers to conduct arts and crafts activities with its spacious area and art-decorated walls.

Our Creative Writing Room is another area designed to help foster the creative thinker and allow students’ imaginations to run free in a safe environment. It is a fantastic room for our AMAZING! Creative Writing classes as it provides the students with a stimulating environment, allowing the free flow of ideas and creative thinking.

The Learner’s Lending Library has been designed to offer the students a safe and comfortable environment that encourages reading and reading exploration. The Learner’s Lending Library allows students to borrow books, allowing them to read the books at home with their family and friends. This is a great opportunity for these students to practice their reading skills and demonstrate their improving English abilities at home.

The Reading Corner is an additional reading area where students can browse a sample of the books found in the Learner’s Lending Library, or just sit quietly and read before class or while they wait to be picked up by their parents.

Students have the opportunity to express themselves and perform for family and friends on the Stage.

Visitors to our school will surely notice the decorations based on the monthly theme and the abundance of informative displays. These displays give detailed explanations of our courses, examples of our students art and written work, as well as useful parenting tips and articles. We warmly invite you to come and have a look for yourself, at what our centre has to offer you and your child.


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