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LOVE IT! Pre-Beginner Avid Readers Club
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LOVE IT! Avid Readers Club is our unique way of empowering learners to fully discover the magic of books. Our Programme guides "club members" through a stimulating range of reading appreciation and exploration exercises. Club members develop their overall reading proficiency including comprehension, appreciation, fluency and vocabulary. Club members are also encouraged to freely express their ideas and opinions.

As the students explore the intriguing Enchanted Wood series by Enid Blyton, they will focus on general reading appreciation, vocabulary building, basic comprehension as well as intonation and rhythm practice.

LOVE IT! Avid Readers Club Outline:

Reading Appreciation
Vocabulary building
Basic Comprehension
Intonation and Rhythm practice
The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton

The course is designed to complement the latest MOE guidelines. Each course consists of ten two-hour lessons.


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