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January 10 - March 17, 2019

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LOVE IT! Speech and Dress-Up Drama
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LOVE IT! Speech and Dress-Up Drama takes our budding actors through a stimulating array of speech development exercises while exploring dramatic texts in a dynamic environment. Students become confident public speakers and develop their writing skills in a dramatic context. In addition to presenting their own masterpieces, students are given the opportunity to act out theatre scripts and poetry.

The course is theme based with each lesson focusing on an aspect/topic of the theme. These aspects/topics are explored using conversations, dress-up drama and vocabulary building exercises. The students will also be gently introduced to public speaking in a creative and encouraging environment. Each student is nurtured in conversation and free speaking to help enhance their speaking, confidence, fluency and intonation.

Lesson Breakdown:

Free Speaking
New Vocabulary
  • Topic Information
  • Activities designed to explore the topic
  • Activities designed to inspire
    dialogue about the topic
Introduction to Public Speaking
Develop speaking skills
Fluency and Intonation practice

The course is designed to complement the latest MOE guidelines. Each course consists of ten two-hour lessons.


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